Remote Consultation by
Asan Medical Center

Does my doctor need to be present during the video consultation?

Yes. Your local physician must be present during the video consultation as it is a legal requirement based on the Korean Medical Law. It is also to your benefit that a physician participates because the consultation may contain medical terminology that you are unfamiliar with. The local physician can be the referring physician.

Can I choose the department and specialist that will review my medical records?

The department and specialist that will review your case will be decided by our case coordinators and doctors. This is due to a number of reasons. The departments familiar to you may or may not be available at AMC and may fall under a different name. Also, the physician you choose may not be a specialist in a specific field. Therefore, our case coordinators will refer your case to the best physician possible.

How long will it take to receive a second opinion?

You can expect 3-7 business days. Our coordinators will keep you updated on the progress and status of your request.

Can I get a prescription through your service?

No. Due to the relevant medical laws in Korea, prescription service is currently not available via the video consultation or second opinion process.

Can I add more medical records if I forget to send them?

Yes. Medical records can be sent to our case coordinators through e-mail. Our e-mail address can be found on our homepage.

How many questions can I ask?

A total of four questions is possible. This limitation is put in place to ensure that our physicians take the time to respond fully to each of your questions.

What if I have follow-up questions for the expert I received my second opinion?

Follow-up questions (up to four) can be asked up to one time within one month of receiving your second opinion without an additional fee. Any additional questions will require an additional fee (i.e. In-person consultation by staff on behalf of patient).

What if I want to visit ASAN Medical Center after I receive my second opinion?

If the AMC physician accepts your case, our case coordinator will contact you regarding the transfer process.

How do I pay for my second opinion?

Payment method using wire transfer will be located on your invoice. You can make a wire transfer to the account number designated to you. If you wish to make a credit card withdrawal, please let your case coordinator know. The case coordinator will send you information on how to pay to your email address.